India’s leading personal hygiene brand helping Indians with its eco-friendly hygienic products. With glorious people feel more comfortable and secure in those heavy days as it provides leak proof and hygienic protection.

Founded by a visionary team of peoples, comes together with an innovative idea to provide an eco friendly and safe hygienic products in India consumer market.

We, the Glorious Hygiene Care Pvt. Ltd. is aiming at providing the best value, trust and care in hygienic products through its own brand Glorious.

Why Choose us


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – is one of the most common health risk, irrespective of what age she is, which stops her from being who she is all the time. While there were many products in the market, but the quest of having one which fits to most of their needs was strong and that is how “Glorious” came into existence.
The initial “Glorious” was not how it looks like today in your hand, our founders took inspiration from many sources, used many hand-made designs themselves and finally came up with the one that suits most.

Our Mission

Understanding the client’s needs & protecting their interest to construct a lifelong relationship & trust to their demands.

Our Vision

Create an eco-friendly solution for Indian market with its unique hygienic solution.

Make a smart choice today.